Happy Birthday Dyson Supersonic!


Hi Guys,

A few weeks ago I attended a Dyson Supersonic Hair event to celebrate a year since the release of the hairdryer. I had seen this hair dryer in the news and it caught my attention, mainly because of its unusual look and hefty price tag, but I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and see what all the fuss was about.

The first thing that comes to mind when people talk about Dyson is usually the vacuum cleaner. However since the launch of their revolutionary cleaner they have also branched out into, hand dryers, temperature control and now hair. Can you believe that the technology in hairdryers has not changed for over 50 years? Well that is until now. Let me explain the £300 price tag. This is not a normal hairdryer. Where most hairdryers simply blow out hot air, which continues to get hotter, the Dyson Supersonic has a microprocessor in it which regulates the temperature so at its hottest, will not go above 100 degrees celsius. It blows out 41 litres of air per second, which by the sounds of it is enough to dry your hair very quickly. What's also interesting is the motor is not in the head like conventional hairdryers, it is actually in the handle and is five times faster than a Formula One car! Because the motor is in the handle, this makes holding it a lot more comfortable as the weight is balanced.

The lovely girls at Dyson put on a great presentation and we were also treated to some lovely lip make overs by Dior, and a fabulous hand massage by Aveda at the event. I loved the feel of the hairdryer and can see why it costs so much now, as the amount of technology put into it really does make it a game changer. Would I pay £300 for a hairdryer? I think if you are the type of person to blow dry your hair everyday, then this will save you a whole lot of time, while being quiet at the same time. However for me right now this would be a luxury I can't afford.

If you fancy trying it out for yourself then why not book yourself in for a blow dry with Tracie who is based at John Lewis in Grand Central Birmingham. You can contact her at Tracie.Bedwood@Dyson.com or DM her on instagram @traciebedwood. Let me know your thoughts. Will you be buying the game changing hairdryer?

Amina xx

*PR event. All opinions are my own.

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