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Hi Guys,

So I have just got back from a Hydrafacial* at the MediZen clinic in Sutton Coldfield. I left there feeling educated and enlightened about skincare as they were having an open day and demonstrating all the treatments they had to offer. I wanted to share a few of the specialist and innovative treatments they offer, as like me, you may not even be aware that some of these exist! 

I have had what I call a 'machine based facial' before, see my post here. The society we live in these days is very skin focussed and I for one have been drawn into so many skincare products recently without properly understanding the benefits of the ingredients. I usually go by trying the products and if it works or I see a change in my skin then I repurchase. However high street or even luxury skincare can only take you so far. And this is the biggest thing I have learnt today. High street products can only contain a certain percentage of Retinol for example. But when you go to a clinic for a facial, because the aestheticians are qualified they are able to prescribe more. 

When I book in for a facial, I no longer want a facial which essentially is products being massaged onto our faces and wiped off, which we could really do ourselves at home, I want something more. This is where the Hydra facial comes in. The HydraFacial gives immediate results and consists of six stages which detoxifies skin, removed dead skin cells, extracts debris and provides lasting hydration. All this is done using the Vortex Fusion Technology. Firstly there is a cleanse and peel where a new layer of skin is exposed. The next stage is to extract and hydrate, nutrients are delivered directly to the skin and penetrate the skin to a deeper level, while at the same time the Hydradermabraision wand vacuums away dead skin and black heads. Finally fuse and protect, where antioxidants and peptides are saturated into the skin.

 It is recommended to have this treatment monthly but what you can expect is immediate results. My skin looked plump and tight, pores appeared smaller, my skin also looks more even and is glowing. There was only a slight discomfort around the neck area and this comes from the micro dermabrasion tip, it literally felt like a scratching sensation, but felt more comfortable on the face. The great thing about this treatment is that it is suitable for all skin types and can be adjusted for different skin concerns. To be honest the area I most notice a difference in is my nose! It hasn't felt so clear and soft in years! The extraction really worked its magic.  At the end I was also shown what I can only call the 'muck' that had come out of my skin! I was shocked as I cleanse every day but it's normal I was told. I can't wait to see how long the results last. I will keep you posted.

MediZen is a clinic in Sutton Coldfield that provides a whole range of treatments, from injectables to Laser Hair Removal. Some of the other treatments that really intrigued me were the Mira Dry Sweat & Odour reduction treatment and the Cool Sculpting fat freezing treatment. With the Mira Dry heat is used to treat the sweat glands and it can leave you with a 80% reduction in sweat! This treatment isn't just for those people who suffer with heavy sweating but for anyone. People I spoke to who had the treatment done said they no longer needed to use deodorant and the treatment had also reduced their armpit hair. What a great side effect! The Mira Dry sounded amazing to me, especially as only one treatment is needed. Maybe it was also the fact that I had three layers on as it was a cold and windy day but then the heating was on full blast so I was definitely perspiring!

Cool Sculpting is a non invasive way of having up to a 25% reduction in fat in a particular area. The fat cells are basically frozen to the point where they die. Results are not instant and can be seen up to 3 months later. I think this is a really good solution for people like me who can't seem to shift those muffin tops and need a little help along the way.

So there we go. I hope you learnt something new, I definitely did. Let me know any skincare treatments you have had in the comments below!

Amina xx

*Complimentary treatment. All opinions are my own.

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