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 Hey guys,

I thought I would do a blog post to remind you all to wear your SPF (Sun Protection Factor). SPF is what protects our skin from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can cause a lot of damage to the skin. The sun is also the biggest ageing factor in our lives, so if you are obsessing over what skincare product to use next, but don't wear SPF you need to stop rewind and go back to basics. SPF must be a staple in your routine!

I used to hate wearing SPF, firstly because of the fact that it would be so greasy and sticky to wear, but also because of the white cast that would be left on your skin. Fair enough for the beach I wasn't really bothered, but when it came to every day, going out wearing makeup, this was a big no- no! But SPF's have come along so much now and all the ones mentioned in my post are all invisible, so there is no need to worry about that white cast or tacky feeling! It's also important to note that SPF's come in two forms, physical - where they act as a screen or an actual barrier to the sun and chemical - where the UVA/ UVB is absorbed into the product and changed into heat and then released. One is not really better than the other, however I tend to prefer physical SPF's. 

I currently have four in my collection, which may sound excessive but I rotate them depending on how my skin feels. The first is *Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defence SPF 30 (£49), the is probably my favourite of them all because it is a physical SPF that literally disintegrates into the skin until you feel like you are not even wearing anything! It takes a few minutes to sink in, however once it has dried down it is completely matte and for a physical defence this is really hard to achieve, so a round of applause please! It contains a bio-active mushroom complex which also works to reduce UV induced redness and helps to soothe skin too. This is my go to SPF of choice, I wish it came in a SPF 50 too as I love to wear extra protection but for the winter SPF 30 is more than enough coverage.

Another Dermalogica fave of mine is the *Prisma Protect SPF 30 (£59). This I love to use when my skin is feeling particularly dry and in need of a burst of hydration as it acts as a moisturiser too, call it a two in one product if you like. It has advanced moisture magnets that work to give hydration all day and also smoothes the skin. When I wear this SPF I feel like it boosts the luminosity within my skin and gives it an extra glow. It's a great winter SPF as it provides your skin that extra hydration it needs.

One of my favourite Korean Beauty SPF's is the Biore UV aqua Rich Watery essence SPF 50 (£5.49). It is cheap and cheerful! A chemical SPF that literally feels like you are applying water to your skin. It sinks straight in and you don't have to splurge too much either. It was one of the first SPF's I used that introduced me to the idea of weightless skincare, K-beauty is great for their innovation. I would say with this, that is all it is - a SPF, their is no other skincare or advanced technology mixed in, but it does the job.

A final SPF that I thought was worth a mention is the Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defence Fluid SPF 50 (£21). I managed to get this at a bargain price from TKMaxx, however even at its full price it is still a really good SPF. Out of all the SPF's I would say this leaves a slight cast however it does what it says on the tube, it is super lightweight and really comfortable to wear. It is quite runny in texture but a little goes a long way. This gives you a little something extra as it is combined with Alguronic acid to also delay the signs of ageing.

These are my four SPF's that I keep reaching for and would really recommend. I would love to hear any of your favourites as I am always up for trying new things!

Amina xx

*contains PR samples & affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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