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Hey guys,

My hair has been in all sorts of trouble recently, it was literally just lacking any bounce and I was really having trouble styling it. I feel like the curls would last for one day and then literally fall out. It was so lack lustre and really demoralising as I would continuously just tie them back. My scalp was also becoming very flaky and giving me quite a bit of dandruff. So I felt really horrible when it was tied up too. I wasn't getting very far with any of my other products as my hair has this habit of getting used to product so I decided to switch it up a bit and dived in to some Umberto Giannini classics and newbies! You may have heard me talk about this brand before, check out my previous posts here. I even have a 20% off code for you as a treat so be sure to scroll all the way down!

I had never tried a scalp scrub before so I opted for the Umberto Giannini Scalp Scrub which is a exfoliating anti- dandruff treatment for your scalp. I'm not sure why I hadn't tried a treatment like this before as it makes sense. When we have dry skin anywhere else we exfoliate, so why not on the scalp? I found this quite tricky to apply but once you get a hang of it and get it mainly on your finger tips it is really easy to apply in circular movements. This treatment should be used prior to shampooing as the shampoo and conditioner then help to get rid of little walnut shells which are used for the exfoliating. It contains pineapple enzymes and coconut oil which is perfect for my dry scalp.  It contains no sulphates or parabens and is made from the 97% natural products. I really enjoy using this and tend to use it on alternate washes. It has really helped with my flaky scalp! My scalp doesn't feel as dry anymore either. It is definitely a product I will continue to use.

To help with my curls I have also been using the Curl Magic Treatment mask. As my curls were so damaged from colouring and heat, this is exactly what my curls needed. Again it is a treatment so should be used pre shampoo. When I have used this my curls always come out extra hydrated and shiny. That's due to the amazing ingredients like Algae and seaweed which contain fatty acids, therefore deeply moisturise. It also contains Wheat Bran which is great for adding shine, detangling and improves resistance to breakage. The coffee contained within the product acts to revive the curls. It was exactly what my curls needed to boost them back into shape and to give them a little added extra hydration.

The final product I have been using is a classic one, the Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly. This is a cult classic product that helps you to style your curls into perfect shape and holds them for days. To wet, cleansed, hair I apply the jelly in the prayer hands motion making sure all the hair is covered and I then scrunch my curls upwards to help them form. To add extra shape I some times turn my hear upside down and continue to scrunch to give some volume. I like to defuse dry afterward. You are left with the most perfectly, coiled curls with absolutely no frizz (see Instagram Reel below).

All three products have really helped to revive my curls and I have an amazing 20% off code for you to use to get money off full priced products on the Umberto Giannini Website. Use code AMINA20 for 20% off! Enjoy!

Amina xx

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