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Who needs Vitamin C in their routine? Everyone! If your skin doesn’t heal very quickly, looks dull and lacks lustre then you need more Vitamin C in your skin. Let's first look at why Vitamin C is so important. Vitamin C is an antioxidant protectant, it protects your skin from free radicals and gives your additional protection from oxidative stress. It actually also firms the skin, prevents premature ageing and regulates collagen production. We have an enzyme in our skin that breaks down collagen but Vitamin C inhibits that enzyme production therefore encouraging collagen production. Therefore Vitamin C doesn't just brighten but is actively fighting ageing too. 

Vitamin C is considered an essential vitamin for skin health. We, as humans, don’t have the ability to produce Vitamin C ourselves so we can get it through diet and topically applied creams. We all love an orange but topically applied Vitamin C will give you greater results as it is targeting your skin directly. Vitamin C also brightens the skin by controlling melanin. Melanin can become imbalanced due to hormones or sun exposure, but Vitamin C stabilises the melanin production giving you brighter skin and overall more even looking skin. Finally it  also defends the skin in two ways, It boosts the skin lipids and ceramides and really helps to repair and increase wound healing but it also gives you an additional boost to protect from UV damage. The UVA rays are the same strength all year round, so by layering Vitamin C underneath your SPF will give you better protection. 

There are many different Vitamin C products on the market which range in price. But what makes Dermalogica BioLumin-C Vitamin C products better than the rest is that it is ultra-stable, bioavailable and has three times more Vitamin C in it than some competitors. What this means is the Vitamin C is more penetrable than others. You will get three times more Vitamin C into skin and three times more brightening power. Vitamin C is an active, so it can oxidise which then means it won’t work. Have you ever seen a Vitamin C product turning a brown colour and looking slightly crusty. This is it oxidising. However this doesn’t happen with Dermalogica products they are ultra stable. 

BiolLumin C textures

Dermalogica already have a serum in the BioLumin C range for the face and eyes in the collection, however the newest launch is the Biolumin- C Gel Moisturiser. It is a weightless, Vitamin C rich gel formula that penetrates the skin’s surface for immediate, glowing results and helps to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier. A gel moisturiser is great for oily skin in particular but will suit all skin types. An immediate benefit to this moisturiser is it is instantly brightening due to the silkiness of the texture but this continues to work over time to help even out your skin tone. It is also super hydrating. It actually has gentle exfoliating qualities which also helps to renew the skin too. 

I have spoken about the benefits of Vitamin C however it also contains other ingredients like Sugar Cane derived Squalene and five different types of  Hyaluronic Acid! Yes you heard right, five! These help to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What's astounding about the BioLumin-C Gel moisturiser is that it harnesses the power of natural light from light rays and turns it into visible light in your skin creating an instant luminosity and instant brightening effect.

In clinical trials after four weeks participants had brighter more radiant skin, more even skin tone and visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles. For ultimate results use the whole range of products. Layer the BioLumin-C serum which is packed full of targeted actives, then the biolumin eye serum  which supercharges your eye cream, it really does reawaken your eyes. Then apply the gel moisturiser on top to seal, boost and defend. 

BioLumin C range

I have been using all three products together for the past month, having previously used the serum and eye serum and I can honestly say my skin is looking brighter and firmer than ever. The one downside to the moisturiser is it does leave a sticky residue on the skin so be sure to only use a small amount. However this is easily remedied by applying an SPF over the top. For the results it has given my skin I am happy to look over the stickiness. I am so confident in my skin that I don't feel the need to even wear foundation.  If you don't already have Vitamin C in your routine then the BioLumin-C range should be your next beauty purchase. What are you waiting for?!

Amina xx

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