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Sport plays a huge role in modern society and when I was young I never really had the passion instilled in me, or the confidence to competitively play. However I was aware of the benefits of taking part in sport and it is something I really want my children to get involved in. If your child is already showing passion for a specific sport, you will almost certainly want to encourage it. After all, the physical and mental benefits are huge while it also stops them from unhealthy habits. However, knowing that you want to support your child and actively doing it are two different things. Therefore I have complied a list of things that might help to make it happen.

1- Buy them the right gear

Looking good makes you feel good, and the right attire is one way for kids to be like their heroes. Having the right equipment makes them look the part but also gives them the confidence to take part too. Even if you do not have the funds for the latest items, discount sportswear is available. Meanwhile, most sports teams will run sales on their kits at the end of the season as they prepare for the next line of products. When supported by the right footwear and accessories, your child will be ready to perform. And it’ll often make them play more. If your children are still young and not quite ready to play professionally you can always buy equipment and clothing that is more suited for role play, that way you can get an idea of what they like before you invest.

2- Sign them up for a team

Playing as part of a team will help unlock the full potential of sport. Moreover, it helps children form friendships and create memories that last a lifetime. Finding a youth netball team, for example, can become one of the smartest steps you’ll ever take. The competitive fixtures and regular training sessions can become a major part of your child’s social life. On a side note, encouraging them to join school sports teams can be hugely rewarding. This is where I have personally started. School is an amazing free resource, so we should use it as much as possible.

3- Help them stay inspired

When kids love sports, it’s not just about playing. They will regularly look to the professional stars for inspiration. In today’s climate, parents can help kids stay updated with the latest news from around the world. From learning about All Blacks rugby to NBA basketball, the resources are in place. Books, video games, and a host of other media types can be used to engage them further. Kids need dreams in life, and sports often hold the key. Children are often spectators before they become players themselves so the quickest way to get them inspired is by watching sports from an early age.

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4- Look for sports days out

Even if you are not naturally a fan of the activity, seeing your child’s face light up can make sports a key part of your life. It can play an active role in your social lives by building days out around this. A picnic in the park with a football can work well. However, getting tickets to a game or a stadium tour can be even greater. These are the memories that will stay with your family forever. Be sure to take some great photos while you’re there. You’ll love it.

5- Integrate it with their development

Sports can play a significant part in your child’s life. But they shouldn’t be the only focus. The great news is that the activities can be used as a way to promote key skills. For example, making academic questions revolve around sporting scenarios can make a big impact. Playing sports can naturally aid a host of other key skills in communication and leadership. So, introducing those activities from an early age can be telling. You can create games with your child that include movement and counting for example, that way you are encouraging both their physical and academic development.

6- Think beyond one sport

Most kids will have a favourite sport. However, that doesn’t mean you should focus solely on this. Trying a range of sports may unlock a new favourite over time. Even if it doesn’t, a wide range of fine motor and problem-solving skills will be developed. Besides, variety is the spice of life, which can help boost your child’s love of their main sport. If you excelled in a sport during your youth, introducing them to this game can be particularly rewarding.

I hope you have found these tips helpful. The key to success is introducing sports early with your children. That way, the love for it will be ingrained from a young age. Please let me know in the comments if your kids are taking part in any sports.

Amina xx

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