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Traveling can seem like a very big thing when you’re young. It's an exciting prospect, but can be daunting at the same time. After all the children will be thrown into unfamiliar surroundings. The world is huge and they are very small, so stepping onto a plane or boat can be a worry. Not knowing what to expect can trigger children into being upset, anxious and sometimes acting out. When children are put into a situation that they feel unsure about, it can lead to a change in their behaviour.  Therefore preparing them for what's to come is a must!

As a parent, you want your kids to enjoy going away as much as you do, so you need to let them know what they’re in for, and prove that traveling is fun no matter what age! Read on for some tips below for helping your kids get used to traveling, especially if you’re someone with a strong sense of wanderlust yourself. 

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Encourage as Much Adventure as Possible!

Adventure can teach us a lot. And our children are basically a product of us, their parents. Therefore anything we do or encourage, they will naturally be inclined to do too. Exploring closer to home shows them there’s a big world out there, and that life doesn’t stop at the end of the street. It’s more than the friends and family we have around us, and going out there to see it is the only way we’ll find out more. Adventure is fun and educational and should be sought out. This can be done in the children's own setting, such as their home or their local park and doesn't have to be on holiday. Even preparing children with day trips around their own city or country will show them what it is like to have to cope with travel.

This will also prepare the children in the future for school trips. These usually take part locally, however as they get older if your child’s school decides to host school ski trips to austria for example, they may feel prepared and more confident in signing up. It’s a great way to help them reach for their own adventure when you’re not around, and will help them find their own love for travel. 

Make Them Curious About the World

As I alluded to above, curiosity is the number one thing kids respond to. It’s simple: if they want to know more about something, they’re going to go after it! And seeing as kids have a lot to learn a good idea would be to buy them children's travel books or informative books on different countries. Even introducing them to a globe will help them to understand how far they will be travelling and where in the world they are going. All these things encourage the idea of holidays and travelling. 

The world is a big place, and even as an adult, there’s so much to discover. So why not enjoy the mystery with your child. Start asking your kids questions about different countries/cultures. If you’re about to visit Spain, for example, ask them about the different foods. Get them to do their own research, you could even get them to make a leaflet on the country and then surprise them with the news of a holiday. There are many ways to get your children excited for a trip ahead.

Don’t Forget Journey Distractions!

As a parent, you know that the journey is the worst part of getting a child to enjoy traveling. Sitting still for hours on end, and not being able to stretch your legs and/or go to the toilet, is incredibly hard to deal with when you’re 12 or under. So don’t forget to bring toys and games on the trip with you and check out this post for more travel activities. Capture their attention early, wear them out, let them sleep some hours away, and your kids will soon start loving being able to get away. 

Want your kids to love to travel? Make sure you actively encourage their own wanderlust at home first and they'll be ready to travel in no time!

Amina xx

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