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If you are one of those people who always like your nails to look good, whether you regularly have them painted to match your style or you’re simple file and buff kind of girl, you are going to want to check out these top tips for growing and maintaining the healthiest nails yet.

Wash your hands

The cleaner you keep your hands, the healthier you will be in general, we all know this, but what we don’t all realise is that the cleaner your hands are, the healthier your nails will be. Why? Because dirt and grime can get into the nailbeds and cause infections. Not only that, but cleaning and exfoliating will soften cuticles and get rid of dead skin for much more attractive nails overall.

Use collagen supplements

If you want to know why Kollo Health is the UK's leading marine collagen supplement, you need only look at the nails of the people who have used it for 3 months to see the changes it has helped along.This secret ingredient is one thing that can help you to improve the condition of your nails. Collagen supplements might not jump out as the obvious choice for healthy nails but they are great at strengthening them and helping them to grow healthily, so if you don’t get enough collagen in your diet, supplements are a must. A bonus is that you will also see differences in your skin and hair!

File in one direction

When you’re filing your nails into the perfect squoval or square shape, then you should not use your nail file like a saw moving it backwards and forwards. Doing this can weaken the nail so it is more likely to split or break and can cause do more harm than good. Choose one direction and stick with it, simply removing the file from the nail and bringing it back to the start before filing again in the same direction until you have the shape you want and a smooth feel to your nail.

Use a glass nail file

While we’re on the subject of filing your nails, it is far better to use a glass nail file than a traditional emery board, which can snag nails and give them a rougher finish. Glass nail files will smooth and shape without taking their toll on your nail health. Glass nail files are also known to last way longer than emery boards so the fact they are reusable makes them sustainable too.

Trim regularly

Regular trims help to keep nails healthy and manageable, Start by trimming every fortnight and then adjust as needed to maintain your shape, but don’t let them get too long without clipping as this can weaken them causing them to break easily. Creating a stronger nail will ultimately lead to a more healthy looking nail that is free from breakages.

Keep your cuticles

If you are thinking about cutting your cuticles or otherwise getting rid of them, think again! Your cuticles are important because they seal the nail, keeping it free from bacteria and other nasties that can cause problematic infections. If you really would like to trim them make sure they are not cut too short!

Give it a rest

Your nails need a rest from time to time, so if you are someone who loves nail polish and acrylics and extensions, take a rest from them now and again to let your nails “breathe” and recover from any treatments you might have. It's a good idea to allow your nails time without nail polish or acrylic every 8 weeks. This will help to restore them.

When your nails are healthy and strong they are at optimum condition, you don’t have to worry about breakages, and you can even get away with not painting them. Try these tips to start you on your journey of naturally beautiful nails. If you wish to transform your nails when they are healthier and stronger, you might wish to partake in a nail art course to make them look professional and different from everyone else.

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