Kiko - opening soon in Birmingham!!!!!


Can you tell my excitement from the number of exclamation marks in the post title?! 

Kiko, for those of you who don't know, is a make up company from Milan who sell an amazing array of good quality and affordable make up. I first learned of Kiko when my sister came back from Italy raving about all this make up she had bought from this shop. She then went on to find one in London which made it more accessible to us as well as their website We have been buying Kiko products ever since!

For a long time now we have longed for Kiko to open a store in Birmingham and so you can imagine when last weekend we were in the Bullring shopping centre, to our surprise we saw this ...

Our eyes literally popped out of our heads and we simultaneously did a little celebration dance. Finally! We can't wait! I will definitely be doing a Kiko related make up post very soon!  

Are any of you as excited as me? 

Amina xx

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