Facial bleaching - Is it ever ok?


Hi Guys,

So this week I tried something I never have before - bleaching my face! That's right! But before you recoil in horror, it's not what you think. I bleached my facial hair, not the skin on my face. That's another topic altogether. I have never done this before, so was pretty scared, but I just found recently that the hairs on my face were becoming more visible. I thought about other ways of getting rid of the hair like waxing, threading, and even shaving but I just didn't like the thought of a stubbly face, and I can't afford the laser option. When I heard about bleaching I thought it was the best option for me.

I had a look around and decided to go with a brand called Jolen who produce a cream bleach suitable for lightening hair all over the body. A 30ml bottle sets you back around £3 and a 125ml will cost you around £7, so not bad for a quick fix. Obviously the results are temporary as naturally your hairs fall our and reproduce, but I thought I would give it a go.

When you open the box there are two tubs. One with a cream and one with a powder. You also get a little mini mixing palette the size of a credit card and a spatula. The box recommends you mix two spatulas of cream to one spatula of powder and mix thoroughly. The powder activates the cream and then you are ready to go. I found this amount was enough to cover the full face. 

Two spatulas of cream.

One spatula of powder.

Mix thoroughly.

I then applied all over the face using the spatula, however if you want to wear gloves I am sure it would be fine to apply using fingers. I personally like using the spatula, as it provides a neat application especially around the hairline and eyebrows! It's goes without saying, not to apply too close to the eyes as if it gets into the eye it could be dangerous. Once applied I left on for 10 minutes. There is a tingling sensation and you often find yourself wanting to itch your nose but you soon get used to it. Once the ten minutes were up I then scraped it off using the mixing palette. Once most of it was off I then washed thoroughly with soap to make sure all the bleach was removed. This step is really important as if there is any bleach left on your face it will continue to bleach your hair and the skin  on your face which is not good!

Applied using the spatula provided.

Scrape of using mixing palette.

The results speak for themselves and I feel like my skin just looks so much brighter and cleaner. I am so happy with the results and definitely am going to make this part of my routine. I think I will probably have to repeat the process every six weeks but will update you once I see how long it lasts. I hope you like the honesty of the post. I very nearly didn't write it due to embarrassment but then thought what the hell, I've been in more embarrassing situations!



                 Before                                                          After   

Let me know what you think. Have you ever tried bleaching your hair? What other hair removal/minimising products do you use? Please comment below!

Amina xx

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