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Hi Guys,

This post is all about my favourite types of mask and which ones I use in my skin care routine.  I really enjoy masks as I find them the perfect way to pamper yourself while still being able to get on with my daily chores! I have tried to include a range of different types, so let's get stuck in.

This is my holy grail mask. With a lot of masks, you need to continue to use them to see an effect, but not with this one. The effects are immediate. As the name suggests, this mask is actually a clay paste which can be applied to the face with a brush or fingers (I prefer a brush as it can get a bit messy). It contains charcoal, green tea leaves and tea tree oil and as it dries you can actually see it drawing out the impurities in your skin as they dry a darker colour. If you have oily skin this mask is perfect for you, as it absorbs all the excess oil and literally leaves your skin glowing. I love it so much I can't wait to try the other masks in this range. This mask is not for the light-hearted though, as it is very tingly!

I have professed my love for sheet masks before (click here for post), but as you can probably see  from the price tag, with one costing around the £10 mark, these are not your average sheet mask. I have also mentioned Jamela's 24K gold under eye masks before on my blog, as they left me super impressed (click here for post), however I was also sent a pack of their 24K Gold Crystal Facial Collagen and Mineral Collagen Facial Masks recently, which have left me wanting more! The consistency of them is like a jelly and the first thing that hits you when you open them up is the smell of rose from the rose oil they are infused in. These masks claim to allow the skin to absorb the nutrients ten times more than a traditional face mask. What I noticed from using the 24K gold mask, is that it leaves your skin feeling brighter. The mineral collagen mask, on the other hand, is perfect as an after sun treat - very soothing on the skin. One feature I love about the masks is that they can be fully dissolved in boiling water once used and can be rubbed onto the skin so not to waste the dissolved collagen. The only down side is the shape of the masks. Because of the texture, it is not a malleable to the face, so I would suggest applying it when you know you can lie down with it on. 

This mask is actually a peel off mask and one of the best parts is the peeling process! It's so satisfying. Like peeling PVA glue off my hand (tell me you used to do that at school too?!). You simply apply a thin layer over the face, leave to dry and then peel off. What I love about this mask is that it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It is the type of mask that needs to be used consistently as it encourages cell turnover and therefore is anti-ageing. I absolutely love the smell of this mask, it is so refreshing. If you're into you anti-ageing then this one is definitely for you.

Now I hear you saying this isn't a mask. No, you're right it's a scrub. However as suggested on the bottle, if mixed with honey and yoghurt this can me made into a mask! I love the idea of home made masks and this makes it feel even more organic. The bottle contains a clay powder which can be mixed with water for a daily scrub too. It contains things like rose hip powder, geranium leaf oil, and probiotic yoghurt powder which are full of vitamin C and great for evening out your complexion. If you don't mind getting your fingers dirty then get stuck in and have go.

If there was one of these masks I couldn't live without it would have to be the Himalayan mask, however I enjoy all of them being part of my routine. I hope you find this post helpful and I hope it has opened your eyes up to the amount of different mask that are available!

Amina xx

*PR gift. All opinions are my own.

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