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Hey everyone,

Recently Iconic London had a 20% sale on and I had got a little birthday money so I decided to purchase a few beauty items as I hadn't splurged on myself in a while.  Because of the sale, it meant I got the newly released Brow silk for £16 rather than the usual £20 so I was chuffed with my bargain. Surprisingly, I haven't actually bought any of Iconic's other products but have tried their Illuminating drops and really liked them. So it's not really a brand I was familiar with but the brow silk really appealed to me.

Fluffy/feathery Brows are such a trend now, made popular by the likes of makeup artist Nikki_Makeup (Instagram) so I really hoped the Brow Silk would help me to achieve that type of look. I have tried many times to create the look using a wet spoolie/disposable mascara wand and soap and have been somewhat successful (see picture below), however I hoped that this product could replace that technique. I was also intrigued by the brush that comes with the product in a toothbrush shape and was curious as to whether this would make the process easier. I discussed my first impressions on an IGTV post which you can watch here.

Fluffy/Feathery brows using soap.
I have been testing the Brow Silk for a month now, using it in different ways and with different tools but unfortunately I just can't get it to work for me. Initially I used it to try to get the feathery effect on my brows however I found that the product wasn't strong enough to keep the hairs in place. The hairs really need to be brushed upwards to get the desired effect but I have used the product both with and without water (dampening the brush before applying product)  and it is not strong enough to hold up my brows. This could be because my brows are quite stubborn and thick and more often then not all downwards, but unfortunately it hasn't worked.

I obviously then didn't want to waste the product so I have continued to use it as a brow setter just combing it into my brows in order to help them keep shape which has definitely been better. But once again, it does not hold them for more than a couple of hours and then they are back to pointing down unfortunately. In relation to the brush, I found it was too thick for my brows meaning the product always ended up on the skin around my brows too so I went back to using the product with a spoolie to really brush the product in.

Overall I was really disappointed with the product and to be honest I'm finding it difficult to use it all up as it isn't doing much for my brows. I would say it may be more suitable for people who have thin, fine and light weight brows. I could see it holding certain brow types, just not mine unfortunately. Have you tried anything from Iconic London before?

Amina x

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