Pregnancy No.3 : My Third Trimester


Hey guys,

So if you read my posts regularly you are probably wondering why there is no second trimester post. To be honest it's because the second trimester flew by and didn't really cause me any problems whatsoever. This is typical of the second trimester and probably the first time in my pregnancies where , dare I say it, I actually enjoyed the pregnancy!?!? (Reading this back I would say that's taking it too far lol) Compared to my first trimester (click here for post) the second trimester was the complete opposite. I wouldn't say everything completely disappeared but there was nothing apart from a small scare (a heavy bleed which is still unexplained) which really fazed me. 

28 weeks
Moving onto the third trimester though things have kind of started to get a little bad again. Which I knew would happen in a way, but was hoping somehow it miraculously wouldn't. Sleep has started to get really uncomfortable. I mean how many pillows does it take a pregnant lady to sleep? Approximately five and counting I would say. Constipation has become really uncomfortable to the point where I feel like I might have piles, which is shocking as I never had this in previous pregnancies, but have heard they can be quite common in the later stages. The biggest thing for me is this horrible feeling in my chest and body which just makes me feel so lethargic like I have no energy.

30 weeks
I was getting this everyday and thought it may be related to my food but luckily I don't have Gestational Diabetes which was a big worry of mine. I had another blood test done at 28 weeks which showed I was anaemic and have been prescribed Iron in the hope it will help. My doctor has prescribed me the liquid version so it doesn't add to the constipation as Iron can do that. It has been a couple of weeks since I have been taking the Iron and can feel such a difference. I don't get that horrible lagging feeling. I have also been given Lactulose to help with the constipation which in turn has helped me to go to the loo more frequently. So things are getting better physically but mentally nerves are starting to kick in. I knew something wasn't right and am a little annoyed the doctors didn't spot the low Iron sooner. The midwives didn't actually inform me my Iron levels were low it was only when I asked for the results that they noticed. I have had this feeling from pretty early on in my pregnancy so just a bit frustrated that I've gone through most of the pregnancy like this. But at least it is sorted now.

31 weeks
I was becoming a little nervous about labour which I suppose is natural as it is getting closer but I really made a conscious decision to try and not become obsessed with it like I did with the first two. I was given a book by my lovely friend Annemieke (@_beautyonreview) called Mindful Hypno Birthing by Sophie Fletcher and it has completely changed my mindset. I'm looking forward to the labour, can you believe it?! One thing that won't go away however is the constant nerves about babies movements. Towards the end of the third trimester the space inside the womb is obviously quite constricted so this changes the types of movements. Maybe because I'm at home now as I have started maternity it is becoming a little bit of a fixation for me but I'm trying to keep busy. Luckily I have had extra scans in this pregnancy due to the fact my second baby was born a little smaller than expected so this has allowed me to see baba every 4 weeks!

34 weeks
My sciatica has really started to show itself now. I have had this in all of my pregnancies from the very beginning but I managed to escape it through most of this pregnancy, however I keep getting really bad twinges now and it is making it really hard to walk sometimes. I spoke to my consultant when I saw her last and she said she would refer me to physio however this never usually does anything. Luckily with the other two, this completely disappeared after the babies were born so I've got my fingers crossed the same will happen this time.

35 weeks
Nesting has fully set in and I am constantly going to the nursery to make sure everything is set up and ready and I'm constantly checking through my hospital bag to make sure I have everything. Sciatica is making it really difficult to climb stairs. I feel like I'm literally just waiting to go into labour now even though I've still got a while to go. But honestly even walking around the shops is so painful that I'm mainly staying in doors, which in turn is bad for the sciatica, so is a vicious circle.

37, 38, 39  weeks
The final last few weeks have been a little strange as I am getting Braxton Hicks contractions almost every night and they can be quite painful. I keep wondering if this is it? But it never really turns into anything or becomes regular. It can be really annoying though as it is disturbing my sleep which I'm really desperate for. I do not look forward to sleeping as it is just so uncomfortable but I keep telling myself not for long. Baby had reduced movements so I went in to get her monitored and everything was fine so that made me feel better. Just have to keep an eye on it. Can't wait for her to arrive.

Looking back at the last trimester and the whole pregnancy in general I am really happy that I am on the other side of it now as to be honest I don't really enjoy it. The constant anxiety for baby and health issues that come with pregnancy can be exhausting at times. The one special thing is feeling baby move inside you but that in itself can be weird at times too. The thing that got me through when I was feeling low or sad was just visualising the end result and allowing myself to get excited. So going through baby's clothes or organising her bits. I can't wait to meet her!

Amina xx

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