3 Summer Makeup bag essentials!



Hey guys, 

Let's face it, it’s been a long year and a half! But, finally, we’re on our way to a restriction-free summer (fingers crossed) and a chance to enjoy a much-needed holiday at long last. Many of us have booked up already (even if travel restrictions are still keeping us close to home) and can’t wait to get stuck into the sun, sea, and sand that’s seemed so far away for so long. 

There’s just one problem – all of this time close to home has left many of us forgetting what we need to pack on the makeup front. After all, you haven’t thought about this for so long, with your entire collection at your fingertips and (if I'm honest) largely unused.

But as you can likely remember from a past life, heading away without holiday essentials in your makeup bag can leave you looking less groomed than you might like in all those holiday snaps. So, here is a super quick refresher to help you remember how to ensure fun in the sun extends to your makeup collection. 

1. Don’t forget protection - SPF

It feels like so long since we were allowed out for untold amounts of time that most of us haven’t even had a lick of a suntan. But, as soon as you stray a little further from home, sun protection is critical. I personally wear it everyday! SPF-infused makeup bag additions like these Colorscience products are the best and easiest way to incorporate this neatly into your holiday packing. From foundation to skincare, keeping sun protection in your makeup bag means that you can apply your usual make-up routine and not once worry about the harm that the sun will cause to your skin. 

2. Factor for the colour change - Foundation

Even with protective products, you can’t guarantee that your sun-deprived skin isn’t going to catch a little. Personally, my skin can go up two foundation shades in the summer and that's even whilst wearing SPF. As such, you also need to make sure you pack your normal foundation and a summer shade. That was you can also mix the two to get your shade just right. You needn’t take the entire product if you’re looking to save space, but taking small pots of two foundations/concealers etc., can make all the difference for smoothly switching over when your usual foundation starts to look a little ghoulish.

3. Don’t forget hair care - Hair products


You might not have had to worry about it for a while, but we all remember that episode of Friends, don’t we? To avoid having to explain that ‘it’s the humidity,’ make sure that you also pack products like frizz serums or even just hair bands that fit neatly into your makeup bag that can keep that mop in line despite high temperatures. Note, too, that many hotels and accommodations are still withholding additional items for safety purposes. You may want to take along a hairdryer and straighteners, which, while they might not fit into your makeup bag itself, can certainly complement the products there for a picture-perfect barnet your whole trip long.

Finally, we can all breathe a sigh of relief again and enjoy a summer that looks (almost) normal. Make sure that you don’t spend the whole time wishing you were at home again by bringing these home makeup comforts along for the ride!

Amina xx

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