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Hey guys,

I recently have gone back to working part time after having Lana. I can't believe I have been off for almost 18 months now. I originally intended to take the year off however because of Covid this then got extended with schools being closed or the kids constantly having to isolate. I decided I needed to be home to home school and take care of them. But as things have began to calm down I thought it was the perfect time to go back. However it hasn't been easy, as you can imagine having to work, whilst getting the kids ready , making sure dinner is on the table and all the house chores are done is not a small task. The good news is that it is possible to have a good balance of work and home life, even if things feel a little chaotic at times. From simple hacks to getting things in place, to building regular routines, it can be done. So here are some tips that have really helped me to make the home more manageable.

1. Plan your meals

So this is something we have been doing for a while anyway, but planning our meals before we go shopping has really helped to get things in order and also helped us to spend less when shopping. We have a schedule up on the fridge and stick to this rigidly. This means no wondering what to eat when we get home, no temptation to get take-out, it's there and written down so we get straight to it when we get home. We also have certain days when we know we will be home late therefore for these days we will plan a quick meal rather than something more complicated.

2. Prepare your meals

Carrying on from planning your meals, another great trick is preparing meals beforehand in bulk that can be frozen and defrosting when you are ready to eat. This is perfect for those days where you know you are not going to have any energy to cook. It saves so much time and stops you from picking up your phone and ordering take away food!

3. Have a big clear out

Before I went back I made sure the whole house was cleared top to bottom. I spent a day on each room. A big clear out is a great place to start when it comes to getting your home in order. It’s easy to build up clutter when you’ve got several people living under one roof. And I don't know about you but clutter makes me less productive and less happy. So just making sure the house is tidy with no unnecessary bits and bobs lurking about has made a huge difference.

Make a plan to declutter each room in turn, being ruthless with what you no longer need. You can recycle or donate a lot of your items, or you can put some things in storage until you need them again. If you are really going all out and having a total over haul you can use a truck load board to help you move your items easily, it is a great way to help you find someone with a load board available to help you remove those items. With your home fully decluttered, you’ll find it much easier to keep your house in order.

4. Build a cleaning routine

Busy family life can mean cleaning can fall down the priorities list. How do people manage to keep their homes clean and organised while juggling work and family life? I barely able to stay on track even when I wasn't woking. Therefore a cleaning routine and schedule is a necessity for helping you stay on top of things, allowing you tackle different cleaning jobs each day so that it doesn’t build up to needing one big clean on the weekend. I think weekends should be completely free of any chores as this is when you get to spend quality time as a family so if possible I try to get it all done on the weekdays. You can create your own weekly cleaning schedule to help you stay on top of things.

5. Plan in advance

I know this sounds quite general but mentally tell yourself to be organised. If you usually feel like you’re rushing around or you’re not getting things done when you need to, you might need to step the organisation up a bit. From meal planning to making sure your changing bag essentials are well stocked, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by planning in advance. A calendar can also help you stay on top of what everyone has going on that week to make sure you don’t miss any appointments or key dates.

Sundays are a great day for planning ahead, so if you can spend a couple of hours doing some meal prep or getting ahead of the week or even more, you’ll feel much more in control and ready to start the week fresh. I find planning as far in advance as possible is even better as then you don't have to set aside time each week to do so.

Family life is unpredictable, but that’s all part of the fun. But for the things you can control, there are ways you can make life a little easier. Make your home easier to manage by getting organised and creating routines that will make it easy to juggle family responsibilities. With things becoming a little more manageable, you’ll have more time to spend making memories with the family. For me this is so important as my babies are all growing so fast an I never want to feel as though I am having to prioritise house hold jobs instead of spending quality time with them. If you have any other tips I would love to hear them below!

Amina xx

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