How hygienic is your makeup?


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This week I thought I would write a post on makeup hygiene. Did you know that your makeup could actually be causing you skin issues? Makeup and skincare are so closely tied together. One can truly affect the other. Makeup is a very versatile tool, and we can use it to our advantage in many situations, however get hygiene wrong and you could be in all sorts of trouble! Just think about the ways we use so many different products and utensils and mix in so many textures and ingredients, it really is important you get your hygiene right, otherwise it can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Therefore you might not realise it but some of the products in your makeup collection might be less useful and more harmful. So, here are some questions to ask yourself about your makeup collection, to make sure you’re safe whenever you pop the lipstick cap off or unscrew your mascara. 

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How Clean Are Your Habits?

Of course, we all fall asleep with our makeup on from time to time - if it’s late and you’ve just got home, no one can blame you for just tapping out and hitting the hay once or twice. But this should not become a habit - you need to keep clean and protect your skin, especially if you regularly wear makeup. Therefore make sure you are consistently cleansing your face. I like to do this twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. That way if I have had any hygiene mishaps along the way I know I am still keeping my face clean!

Your brushes need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Most dermatologists agree that at least once a week is a good call, but even just a couple times a month can make your makeup habits a lot healthier. With the brushes constantly touching your face, you want to make sure these are kept clean. You can also buy makeup cleansers that you spray directly onto your palettes that will keep them clean. Otherwise your pores will be more clogged up and more at risk of spots. Leaving you with an uneven base for your makeup. Therefore getting into a cleaning routine that you stick to is important!

How Does Your Skin React?

The next thing to think about is how your skin reacts whenever you put certain makeup products on. Maybe you’ve just bought a new primer, or eyeshadow and when you first apply it it feels like your skin is irritated? Maybe after taking off a new product, you notice that the skin underneath is dry, or even flaking, especially after repeated use?

 These are signs that the makeup you’re using is bad for you; you may be allergic to the ingredients, or it may be expired, or it may be toxic in general. To prevent similar things happening in the future, make sure you know how to read product labels, and be sure to check out this non toxic makeup investigation, to get a true picture of how dangerous makeup can be when made wrong or used by the wrong people. It's a good idea to become familiar with ingredients in makeup, such as alcohol for example, that may have an undesired effect.


Is it out of date?

shelf life image
Image depicting 'Shelf Life' Icon. 

Finally, it’s important to note that good skincare should always form the basis of your makeup routine. You should have a clean, healthy face whenever you go to put makeup on, and to ensure that, you should wash, cleanse, tone and moisturise before you get started. A good skincare routine is the foundation of good makeup. 

Something that is easily missed is using products that have passed their use by date. This goes for both skincare and makeup. All products have a shelf life and is usually on the back of the product with an image of a jar and a number inside, for example '6M', meaning the product should be used within 6 months from opening. When products are used past this date sometimes they become ineffective or even worse lose their anti bacterial properties which will not be good for your face. So keep this in mind! Have a look at your beauty stash you might need one or two products throwing out… for good! I hope you found this post helpful! I would love to know about any of your hygiene tips!

Amina xx

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