How to: Deep conditioning for curly hair!


If you have curly hair, you will be all too familiar with the fact that it can dry out far faster than straight hair, and when that happens, it can lead to brittle, frizzy hair that doesn’t exactly inspire. My hair is very curly and also coloured which is another factor that can lead to dryness. Therefore I am constantly looking for new ways to get it looking shiny and healthy. One trick I have found to be very helpful is to deep condition it at least once a fortnight.

There are lots of things you can do to keep your curly hair looking moist, shiny and bouncy, and all of that starts with deep conditioning, which is why I’ve put together some basic deep conditioning tips for those of you with curly hair to try as your first step to perfect curls.

1. Use a rich conditioner

First thing’s first, if you have curly hair, an average conditioner isn’t going to cut it. Finding your perfect conditioner is the first step to achieving healthy hair and it all depends on your curl type. You’re going to want to look for a really rich conditioner like the milk_shake hair products vegan curlies swear by, for example. It’s rich, thick and great for keeping your curly locks hydrated come what may. You can also use curl treatments as conditioners and this is my favourite way of achieving fabulous curls when you don't necessarily have the time for a treatment masque.

2. Don’t skimp on it

Once you’ve chosen a really rich, heavyweight conditioner or masque, it’s important to use it generously. It may be cheaper to put it on sparingly, but your hair won’t thank you for it when it’s drier than the Sahara. No, what you need to do is apply your conditioner with a comb. Ideally, it should be applied to wet hair from the root to tip until it is completely covered! I find this the best way of making sure all my hair has an even amount of conditioner on it!

3. Keep it covered

Covering your hair with a shower cap once you’ve applied the conditioner will not only prevent it from falling out onto you but it will also enable your scalp to warm up the liquid, which will enable it to more thoroughly penetrate your hair. I usually apply my shower cap and continue with my shower, however if you have more time leave for 15-30 minutes, or longer if you like, for best results.

4. Add some steam

Something else that can help to really open up your cuticles to allow the conditioner to penetrate deeply is the presence of heat, and one of the gentlest ways to achieve this is by sitting in a steamy bath. You could also use a hairdryer if you prefer, but that can get a bit uncomfortable after a while.

5. Leave it in

There is always the option of a Leave-in conditioner too. These work great because they continue to moisturise your hair throughout the day so that it never gets a chance to dry out. If you prefer, you can use your normal conditioner instead. Simply apply it, cover your head and go to bed. The heat generated as you sleep will help it to really work its magic. Don't forget to put a towel down though as it can get a little messy!

6. Add an avocado

Talking of messy, mashing an avocado into your conditioner may seem like a strange thing to do, but avocados are really great for your hair as they are rich in protein, so it is something that you may want to try to see if it adds any extra strength and moisture. I personally love to do this when I have time and while the thought of having food in your hair can be strange, it is definitely worth a go.

Curly hair may be more difficult to keep moist, but it is possible to achieve beautiful curls and these tips will be a great starting point! I hope they work and I would love to know how you get on!

Amina xx

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