4 Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe in the Sun!


Hey guys!

I am so happy summer has finally arrived. Summer is such a lovely time of the year. Who doesn’t like basking in the glorious sun and relaxing in the great outdoors? Additionally, the hot season is perfect for spending days in the water and having a lot of fun with the kids. This is why I think I love it so much as the kids are constantly kept busy, meaning more time for me to enjoy the sun!

However, the sun-filled summer can also spell danger for children, especially tiny tots. Exposing their fragile skin to the scorching sun can be harmful to their health. So I thought I would share some really simple but useful tips on things you can do to help keep them safe.

Dress Them Well

Before you step out of the door with your baby, ensure that you dress them adequately for the sunny weather. This means dressing them in light but long-sleeved clothes that cover as much skin as possible. Additionally, stick to bright colours to prevent your baby from overheating as black absorbs heat.

Secondly, make sure that your baby has protective gear when they are in the sun. This is where wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses come in handy. It's useful to get a hat with a strap underneath so it stays put as babies love to pull them off.But one of the best ways to ensure that your baby does not dislike wearing hats is to introduce them early on. That way, wearing hats becomes a habit that they will not fight later in their lives.

When choosing sunglasses for your adorable baby, select those that offer complete protection from UV rays. These will keep your child’s eyes safe from sun damage.

Stick to The Shade

Typically, the sun is hottest between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Avoid having your baby out during these hours.

However, if the baby must leave the house when the sun is brutally hot, stick to shady areas and avoid prolonged exposure. You can use umbrellas and pram shades to keep your baby safe. You can purchase Venicci products to help provide shade for your baby. I have a shade and foot muff (for colder months) from them which I have found really beneficial!

Apply Sunscreen

If your baby is old enough to use sunscreen (6 months plus), be sure to use it religiously. This means applying it 15-30 minutes before leaving the house and once every two hours while you are out.

Additionally, always reapply sunscreen after being in the water. Although some products may be labelled waterproof, there is a good chance they won’t be as effective once you leave the water. Stay on the safe side and apply the skincare products after a swim. I find Altruist sunscreen that comes in a spray bottle really good as they are quick and easy when reapplying and also cheap.

Set a Good Example

Kids emulate everything their parents do. As such, you need to set the correct example when you are out in the sun.For one, dress appropriately before heading out of the house. If your toddler sees you wearing a hat and sunglasses, they will have no problem wearing protective gear themselves. Additionally, wear your sunscreen as often as you should. This will stress to your child that skin protection is vital, which is an essential lesson that they will carry all their lives. When the kids are older, explain to them why staying safe in the sun is essential. Understanding the rationale behind skincare makes it easier for them to follow the rules.

Babies need protection from the sun. Fortunately, keeping your young one safe is not difficult. By dressing them well, applying sunscreen, sticking to shady areas and setting a good example, you will have kept them safe from the harmful effects of the sun. Follow the tips in this post, and your baby’s skin will thank you for it!

Amina xx

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