NYK1 secrets Lash and Brow Force review!


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Hi guys,

Recently I have been using an amazing serum by NYK1! Secrets on my eyelashes and brows to help them grow. There are many options for both lashes and brows these days. I have had lash extensions and also used false lashes before. With my brows I have used pencils and also considered getting them micro bladed. However after years of using brow pencils I really wanted something that was going to be a little more permanent. I looked into micro blading but felt like my eyebrows were not so thin that they needed that treatment, but at the same time I was tired of having to fill them in everyday. This is where Brow Force came into play. With my lashes I was never satisfied with them, constantly seeking treatments but that all changed once I started using Lash Force.

Lash Force is a serum you apply over the top of your lashes where they meet the eye lid. The ingredients work to increase the blood flow and over time lengthen lashes. I was dubious at first as I had used other serums in the past that only seemed to condition my lashes rather than lengthen them but after 6 weeks of use I started to notice results. 

My eyelashes became longer. The difference is noticeable both with and without mascara. My eyelashes seem so much more thicker too. It has really made a difference to my confidence as I feel as though lashes make a big difference to the face. See my progress over 3 months below:

Top to bottom: Before to after.

Left to right: Progress over 3 months.

One thing I love about the serum is that you can achieve results in around 6-8 weeks as long as you apply it twice a day. I put the serums in my skincare cabinet so I know I will reach for it, as it is easy to forget. One tube contains around 8 ml of product which lasted me around 4 months and is more than most other brands. I am so happy with my progress and can't wait to continue to use the product. Once you have achieved your desired results to are able to reduce application to once a day or once very two days, meaning the serum will last even longer.

I have also noticed progress using the Brow Force too! The Brow Force has a doe foot applicator which is so much better for eyebrow application. I have been targeting specific areas of my brow where the hairs are sparse and once again have started to achieve amazing results. Stay tuned for my eyebrow pictures coming soon!

Lash and Brow Force are currently on offer for £39.95 but with my code AMINA10 you can get an extra 10% off. Enjoy!

Amina xx

*contains affiliate code. I make a small commission if you use this code however it doesn't cost you and extra, it actually saves you 10%!

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