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Hey guys,

As wedding season is in full flow now is the time to really perfect that wedding day glow. There are plenty of things that you have to do to be prepared for your wedding day, but there are things that you should be doing beyond buttonholes and dress fittings. Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important events in your life and without the right information, you won't be able to prepare for your wedding as well as you could do.

From learning how to get the perfect skin for your wedding day, to making sure that you spend time really pampering yourself, you need to make sure that you feel confident enough to be in your dress and kill it as you glide down the aisle. So, with this in mind, here are five wedding day prep tips you need to really make a difference to your wedding day fun.

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  1. Looking after your skin - For a few months before the big day, you need to start your skincare routines. We’re talking any facials, peels and acne treatments that need to be practiced for more than the week before the wedding should be done in advance to avoid a bad reaction. Speaking to a professional can really help you to narrow down your routine and put in place products specific to your skincare needs. But at home you need to ensure that you use the right cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser in your routine. Consistency is key in being able to achieve that natural and flawless look on your wedding day.

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  2. Getting a spray tan - As part of your skin routines, make sure that you feel comfortable in your glowing skin! Some people opt for a spray tan for that sunkissed glow. Once again do this months in advance and let them know that this is a trial colour for your wedding day - the experts at the tanning place will help! If spray tans aren't you thing you could always opt for some bronzer or a shimmering body oil instead.

  3. Get a trial for hair and makeup -Your face doesn't have to be made up to the nines on your wedding day, but a professional makeup artist and a hair stylist will be better for you to have on hand on the day and before. You want your hair make up to be done properly, and a trial in advance gives you an idea of what you will look like on the day. You should always, always have a trial so that you can see the look nice and early and make any adjustments accordingly. A good idea is to have pictures of styles you like to hand to show your beautician.

  4. Don't forget body hair! - However you feel about body hair, if you plan to remove it make sure that you do it a week before the wedding. Or why not book in for some laser hair sessions to make sure that hair is permanently gone. Making sure you are hair free on the big day needs to be done at least a week in advance because of complications to the skin. You don't want to take any chances! Don't forget those pesky eyebrow hairs and eyelashes too. Getting your eyebrow shape perfect before your big day can be helped by using a brow or lash serum like NYK1 brow force. (Use code AMINA10 for money off!).

  5. Nails - Wedding nails are the perfect finish for your wedding look. There are so many different wedding nail ideas out there that you can take advantage of, too, so choose the one that’s right for you and you’ll be prepared for your big day. Some people choose to go with their natural nail and some decide on falsies. What I will say is do whatever you feel most comfortable with especially as you will be going on honeymoon soon after, so the salon won't be as easily accessible to get them removed or make any amendments.

    These are my 5 tips for looking your best on your wedding day! Whatever happens, remember to take in every moment and enjoy your big day! Good luck.

    Amina x

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