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Hi guys, so I have been through this a few times now and am about to go through it all again for the third time. I know it can be scary when your child is due to go to nursery. It is a huge step and it means they are growing up fast and learning to become independent. That fear of letting them go and putting them in the hands of someone else can be a daunting prospect but from my experience I have learnt that overall it is really beneficial for them. Not only do they get to socialise and explore these new skills but it also means that you can get some time back to yourself.

Once you have found the best nursery for your child, the next key step is to prepare them for the experience. There are many small things you can do which can support them in starting (or returning to) nursery. This is important for the transition, as the nursery is usually a huge change for children, as they are placed in a new, unfamiliar environment, meet new people and have new rules to follow. Some children might find these experiences exciting, while others tend to get anxious. But there are a few tricks you can use to prepare them for this next stage in their life.

Here are 4 ways you can help prepare your child for nursery:

Open the conversation

One of the best things you can do is talk to your children. Tell them about the new adventure they are about to embark on, and ask them if they have any questions. Take some time to listen to what they have to say, address any concerns they may have and keep an eye out for any non-verbal messages they are sending. Children cannot always express what they want or mean, so you must encourage them to share their thoughts on the nursery so you can help deal with any worries as early on as possible. 

Schedule a visit 

Whether your child has any concerns or not, it is important to schedule a visit to the new nursery. This can help your child become familiar with the new environment they will be spending time in, as well as meet the teachers/assistants they will be interacting with. Some nurseries offer open days, which is a great way for your children to spend time there, with other children who will be starting at the same time. I have found that having 'settling in' sessions, where you are able to stay with your child, really helpful and a great way to introduce your child to a new environment.


There are many resources, online and in libraries that offer books or helpful videos that can help your children learn more about the new experiences they are going to encounter. These books then put the children in the picture, so they can learn about adapting to a new environment and meeting new friends. Of course, they are usually written or spoken in a child-friendly way. Remember that children are sponges, and will very easily soak up different lessons. If your child isn't of the age where they can properly understand what nursery is then you can introduce the idea of nursery to them via books. A great one is 'Find Spot at Nursery'. This has really helped my little one to just visualise and get used to the idea of it.

Create a routine 

Children love routines, and starting a new nursery is going to be a huge change that they are not necessarily expecting. To help prepare them for nursery, try and get a routine established early on, which involves getting ready, eating breakfast and getting out of the house nice and early. If you have a baby group you can go to this will help establish the idea of going somewhere to play, learn and socialise. When the nursery days start, establish a routine of your journey there and saying goodbye. Some children are more anxious than others and will find it harder to say goodbye. A routine is a great way for children to become more comfortable because the day is predictable. 

There is never a right or wrong way to prepare your children for nursery. The best way is to try new things and learn more about what your children do and do not like, so you can adapt your lessons to suit their needs. By using these few tips it will definitely get your child on the right path to starting nursery.

Amina xx

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