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If you’re currently very heavily pregnant and feeling like you’re going to burst at any moment, congratulations on your impending arrival! You’re about to bring a mini version of you into the world, and that’s something to be celebrated - but within all that celebration, you’re probably feeling an overwhelming amount of fear over whether or not you’re ready to bring them home from the hospital. 

After all, babies demand every bit of your attention, and they’ll continue to do so for at least the next 16 years. You’re already thinking of all the trouble they might get into, and how many mistakes they might make along the way. You’re thinking about how they’ll get on at nursery, even though it’s still a long way off, and ultimately, you’re feeling equal parts worry and excitement for being a new parent. 

Surprisingly, that’s a good position to be in. It means you’re getting ready to bring the baby home, and to provide as much love as possible during the first year of their life. But aside from that, you’ve also got the chance to double check that you’re truly ready for baby to arrive. So, with that in mind, here are the last minute checks you’ll benefit from doing right now. 

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Make Sure The Nursery is in Order

If you want your little one to have their own room, now’s the moment to go through and ensure the room is up to standard. Make sure it’s been baby proofed, and there’s no way your child could get hurt in any way when they’re in there. Start with the floor and work your way up. Could baby stick their fingers in anything? Is there anything they could try chewing on? Could they even just pull on something in trying to make their way around and end up pulling something down on top of them? These are all considerations to think about from the beginning, nevermind waiting until baby can crawl and/or walk! 

Of course, you’re likely to have your baby sleeping in with you for a little while (usually the first 6 months), and it’s good to have an add-on mattress for your own bed as an option. However, one day they’ll have to upgrade to the nursery, and you’ll thank yourself for being this proactive right now. Start as you mean to go on! 

Double Check Your Shopping Checklist

Everyone who’s about to be a new parent has a shopping checklist that’s at least the length of your arm! And when you or your partner feel like you’re about to drop, it’s time to go back through the list and see if there’s anything you’ve missed. Now could be your last chance to make sure you’ve got it in ‘the back’ and that it’s ready to use when your baby needs it. 

Similarly, if you had a baby shower a couple of months ago, now’s also a good time to check your registry again and see what’s still left on it. If any of your friends and/or family didn’t attend or didn’t get you anything, now could be your moment to get in touch and ask if they’re in a position to help out. 

After all, maybe they could invest in Bespoke Baby Gifts for you, especially if they’re about to be a grandparent and want to make the experience special? But above all else, make sure any essential items, like a breast pump or a bottle warmer have been bought and are ready to use when the moment suddenly arrives!

Prepare the Car Correctly

You’re going to need to transport your baby to and fro every now and then, so you’re going to want to fit the car out correctly right now as well. Of course, you need to start with the car seat and ensure it fits snugly and securely, but your hard work doesn’t end there. You’re also going to want to keep in mind the general state of the car, and how long you can drive for with a baby on board. 

For example, you shouldn’t look to go any longer than 20 to 30 minutes with a baby in tow, thanks to just how uncomfortable baby can become when they’re sat in a car seat for too long. Similarly, always take your baby out with you when you stop, even if you’re just dashing out for a couple of minutes. 

Some parents like to invest in another mirror to attach to the headrest of the seat the baby is strapped into. In doing so, you won't have to turn around and take your eyes off the road in order to check on your baby. You’ll be able to see their face and what they’re up to whenever you do the standard check of your car mirrors, and eliminate most of the worry you feel on bumpy drives! 

Think About Making Your Own Birthing Plan

A birthing plan is what you put together when you decide what kind of birth you want to have. No matter what you see on TV or in films or hear about in the media, you’re the one in control when you’re giving birth, and it’s up to you how events will proceed. Not everyone takes time to put one together, and you can always walk through the possibility with a midwife first, but it’s good to get down in writing what you’d like to happen in an ideal world. 

And of course, there’s always a chance the birth will deviate from the birthing plan you put together. In knowing this, it’s a good idea to be flexible about what you’d be OK with happening during your birth. For example, your water birth plans may go out of the window if you suddenly go into labour when you’re out at the shops - try to have a ‘go with the flow’ attitude on time and place, but keep the little details (if skin to skin is a priority, will you attempt breastfeeding or prefer bottle, how you would like the lighting etc) set in stone. 

Thinking About a Name

Maybe you’ve already thought of one and both you and your partner love it? Maybe you’re still choosing between two or three you quite like? Maybe you have absolutely no clue what to name your baby, and you’re waiting until you meet your little one face to face to decide? No matter how you’re going about choosing a name for your child, make sure both you and your partner agree on the fundamentals. 

For example, are any names out of the picture altogether? Do either of you want the child to have a middle name? Will the baby end up with both of your surnames? Get these questions decided on right now for less hassle later on, especially if there are push relatives on either side of the equation! What you name your baby is up to you, and you need to know you’re standing firm in your decision. 

If your baby is about to make its way into the world, make sure you’re at a place (both physically and mentally) where you feel at peace with what’s going on. Stress is no good for you right now, and you want to have as pain-free a birthing process as possible, so get considerations like those above well out of the way. Bringing a baby home after the ordeal you’ve been through deserves to be a calm and collected time, so putting in effort now will make sure it is a smooth process!

Amina xx

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