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 Recently I was invited to an amazing event at Harvey Nichols in the Mailbox Birmingham where a skincare and makeup brand called Chantecaille unveiled some of their most used and popular products. This was a brand I had heard of before. With top Makeup artists like Nikki Makeup using them I knew they were a reputable luxury brand, however I have learnt so much more about them and wanted to share it all with you as I have been so impressed with what I have tried and not only that, but how fantastic the brand are at giving back.

Chantecaille have donated almost 2.2million to animal charities. Animals are at the heart of Chantecaille and you will see this demontstrated in their makeup designs. Specific products give back to specific charities, for example Lion Conservation foundation or Wildlife Trusts. This makes the brand stand out as it is so much more than makeup and at least you know with every purchase you are supporting the animals. This always makes me find it easier to spend my money. Let me tell you more about some key products.

One fabulous product that stands out is the Rose de Mai range. This Rose only grows for 2 weeks of the year so is quite sought after, however Chnatecaille have managed to create a whole range based on it with some of their products containing 70-100% botanical based ingredients. Another reason I was so impressed with the brand. Getting high quantities of natural products in your inci list isn't always achievable but the quality of Chantecaille products means it is. The spray is perfect to mist over your face both before skincare and after makeup application.

The Bio Lifting Serum which acts as a multivitamin for your skin in a gel formula. It is non greasy and contains no synthetic scents but has a base of natural rose water. Chantecaille were one of the first brands to use plant cells in their products again reinforcing the natural element to their products. The serum feels so hydrating and instantly plumps the skin. The Vital Essence is another serum type product once again containing powerful botanicals and hydrating boosters that leaves my skin hydrated all day long. It is a 95% natural product. It also contains anti oxidant and soothing properties. A gorgeous products to start off your skincare. 

A product I have really enjoyed using in particular has been the Rose de Mai eye lift. Perfect for ageing eyes as the name suggests, it can actually lift the brow area giving a much more youthful appearance. Products like Algae and seaweed are used which cause a tightening and cooling effect.

I was really impressed by the sound of the Future skin Foundation - it is oil free gel that contains 60% water but gives such a natural skin finish. The skin looks so natural and hydrating. It also last all day which makes the fact that it is oil free so hard to believe as you are given such a natural glow when wearing it. If dewy skin is your thing then this foundation is for you. Their strengthening and lengthening mascara also offers to lengthen lashes within 4 weeks of use.

Some of the makeup products I have used in the Luminescent Eye Shades in Crane which is a Smokey Burgundy. This is such a beautiful colour especially for brown eyes and the shimmer it gives is os delicate and pearlescent. Furthermore the Cheek shade in Emotion is such a lovely and delicate pink that just gives a hint of colour. 

All in all I am so impressed by the products I have tried, you really feel the opulence of the product and this is confirmed in the formulas. They are smooth, long lasting and of high quality. I can definitely see myself purchasing from the brand again. I hope this quick introduction to some of their most popular products has given you an insight into what a great ethical brand they are. 

Amina xx

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