Raising your children to become Happy Adults


Our first priority as parents is ensuring that our kids have everything they need right here and now. If they’re smiling, healthy, and all-around enjoying life, then we can sleep easy. However, it’s always important to ensure that we spend at least some time thinking about their future, too. If your kids are happy when they become adults, then you’ll have done a supremely good job. It’s all we want for our families, after all! While there are no guarantees for future happiness, there are some things that’ll definitely push them in the right direction. While there are a whole host of child psychology books out there, in this post we’ll take a look at a few easily achievable things that are good to teach your kids.

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Following Passions

People aren’t automatically trained to follow their passions. For the majority of people, the thing they love always remains out of reach; it’s something that they have to fit in around their life, rather than making it their life directly. You can’t help your children immeasurably by encouraging them to follow their passions whenever possible. There’ll be times in life when they need to be serious and, we hate to say it, “realistic.” But they shouldn’t doubt that there’s inherent value in doing the things they love. Being a good role model and following your own passion can also encourage them to as they get older. People tend to lead by example, so encouraging and nurturing passions is a great start. Exposing them to as many hobbies and interests is a great way to get started.

Global Mindsets

It’s a big old world out there, one that’s getting smaller all the time. It seems likely that the world will become even more connected in the years to come. Having a global mindset helps because it presents options, and options are key to happiness. If a person doesn’t like where they live, then they can always move elsewhere and try something new. But they can only do that if they know how to think big. So teach them! For example, a child that goes on summer holidays abroad, takes french language trips to Paris with their school, and believes that taking an internship or studying abroad is an option will be sure to have a “big mindset.” And you never know where that’ll take them. Understanding that there is a bigger picture and they are not limited to where they are now will allow them to be open minded and understand that anything is achievable. Furthermore being wise about the world around them and integrating into other cultures, will also help them be more diverse inclusive in their thinking.

The Importance of Self-Care

Life is going to throw a few curveballs at your children as adults. How well they’re able to deal with those difficulties will depend on how well they’re able to look after themselves. Many people learn the importance of self-care later on in life when they really need it. It’s much better to learn how to protect your emotional and mental well-being before it’s a necessity. Standard self-care that should be taught to your child include yoga, meditation, and setting boundaries. Children need to understand that they are in control of their own autonomy and the earlier they are given this responsibility the better they are at using it. Teaching them it is ok to say no, or to make decisions based on their own happiness will allow them to feel more in control.

Eating and Physical Goodness

A healthy body is a healthy mind! Studies have shown that kids that eat well and exercise in childhood are much more likely to do exactly those things later on in life. So look at teaching the value of eating fresh, healthy meals, as well as how to work up a sweat. It’ll help to keep their body and mind healthy, and if they have those things on their side, then they’ll be in a strong position to live their best life! Children who make good habits earlier on in life are likely to stick to them so get these in early.

These four steps are a great way to make a strong great foundation for a future happy adult.

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