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Hi Guys,

This week I am bringing to you a blog post all about glasses. I have worn glasses from a very young age. Primary school in fact. I went through a long period of trying to get away with not wearing them, like a lot of kids probably do, however, I think they just gradually got worse. I used to do the whole thing where I would take them with me to school but only wear them when I was in lesson, but around sixth form and uni I gave in a decided to just wear them full time as I literally couldn't see clearly more than 2 metres in front of me. 

I do still battle constantly with wearing glasses for many reasons. I think I have one of those strange faces where my head is quite big and square so finding glasses that suit me is quite difficult. Also my prescription is quite high, so when I do wear them the thickness of the lens seems to reduce my eye size a little, which distorts what my actual face looks like. Saying that, I do wear glasses everyday and have come to accept my glasses as part of me. However, I do wear contact lenses sometimes for special occasions or a day out etc.

Glasses Direct appealed to me as I literally couldn't find any glasses at my recent eye test that suited me. I felt stuck. I had taken time out of my busy schedule to get my eyes tested but when it came to picking a frame I could not choose. Being a mum of two, working part - time and basically not having time in the day to wee let alone shop for glasses left me stuck. I then came across Glasses Direct and was left intrigued.

7 day free home trial
I found loads of glasses styles that I really loved and what's fab is they have a virtual try-on page where you can upload a picture of yourself and virtually try the glasses on. I tried this, but felt it wasn't a true representation. Still stuck, I delved a little bit deeper and found out they do a free 7 day home trial service where they send you up to four of your favourite styles for you to try on and all for free! I think this is such a great service as they even pay delivery for you. So in essence, you get to try before you buy. 

Once I got my glasses, this is where my lovely Instagram and Twitter followers came in, as I got them to vote for which glasses suited me best! Out of the four options, the majority voted for option four which I was over the moon with, as I liked them best too.

Option 1 - Miss KG - MKGS009

Option 2 - Belladonna

Option 3 - London Retro - Sage

Option 4 - Scout - Millie

Literally all you then need is your prescription details, which are usually given to you when you go for your eye test. Once you select your frame online, you are then directed to complete the prescription details and it is as simple as that. You can then add on any extras such as anti-glare coating etc. Being so busy, it literally made my day that it was made so simple.

Scout Millie Frame with prescription lenses and anti glare coating.

Up until this point, I was completely happy with the process. However, when my chosen frame did arrive, it felt quite loose and one of the arms were bent. The good thing about Glasses Direct is they have optometrists on hand via phone, so any problems and they are literally one call away from being contacted. I was then asked to send the glasses back in the pre-paid envelope and they would do their best to resolve the issue. However, I guess this is one thing to consider when opting to purchase glasses online, you don't get the glasses personally fitted to your face and this can make such a difference to your vision. Up until now, I have had to send the glasses back twice and they are still in for correction. This is something I will definitely consider next time I'm purchasing glasses.

I hope you enjoyed this week's post and has opened your eyes (pun intended) to a new way of selecting you future specs. Do you wear glasses? Where do you purchase from?

Amina  xx

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  1. This is such a good idea and a great way to try and buy new glasses - all from the comfort of your home! x

  2. I love this idea so much, number 2 are my favourite on you they look so gorgeous. Xxx

  3. I'm a bit on the fence with companies like this but I do love the styles that were sent to you, especially option 2!

  4. This is such a brilliant idea! xx

  5. You've just reminded me I really need to go and pick up my new glasses haha! The last pair suit you so well xx

  6. The styles all look fab on you! I definitely need an eye test - my glasses are four years old!

  7. I love all the styles on you! I wear glasses myself too and i use to try and get away not wearing them! Now everyone who doesn't wear glasses - owns a pair for fashion. I annoyingly snapped my glasses and i've ended up with an old pair and this has reminded me i need to go and sort that problem out! Lol. Loved how you can do this within your own home too xx

  8. I really love the Scout - Millie style on you - all look fab though xx

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