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Hi guys,

My most requested blog posts are always in relation to make-up storage. Either people really need help or just want to be a little nosey. Let's face it I am always the latter. I'm not sure why I have put it off for so long but maybe it's because the pictures aren't too pretty. However the main point of this post is function with a little focus on appearance thrown in. 

So first of all make-up storage doesn't have to cost you a lot. In fact it can technically be free if you get a little bit thrifty and use boxes that other products might have come in. The beauty industry is such that packaging is everything. Luckily for us that means a ready made pretty storage box.  In the picture below I have used a pretty sturdy box that my Glossier order came in, which even has a retracting lid to stop that pesky dust getting in. Occasionally you can get free make-up bags when purchasing beauty products, so make the most of these too.

Another way I store my makeup products is in my Inglot Black Diamond makeup case (£132), this is not necessarily an option for everyone as I purchased this because I am a freelance makeup artist and needed something that could store my makeup and be mobile at the same time. The fact it has a pull out handle makes it perfect for carrying around. However I think even if you aren't a makeup artist it is still a good way to store your makeup, if you don't necessarily want it on display. Especially good for mummies like me as my daughters love getting their hands dirty in my makeup. But all the 'good stuff' for my kit is locked away and kept safe in this. 

It's also very organised as it has different compartments and a pull out drawer so I'm never searching for anything for too long. It can also be separated into two separate cases, a beauty box and then the carry case underneath. I bought this at IMATS so got it for £100, I decided to pay that little bit extra on storage for the quality and sturdiness.... and yes I carried it all the way back home on the train!

Ingot case open from top.

The most recent way I have been displaying my makeup is in my new acrylic storage. I have literally wanted acrylic storage forever, well actually probably since Keeping up with the Kardashians started 10 years ago, but have always found it a little too pricey. However recently on Instagram I saw my friend Sufi ('the skincare encyclopaedia' - @svphie__) purchase hers from Ebay and for the bargain price of £25 (currently £25.99), so I knew I had to have it for those special items I want on display.

The final way I store my everyday make-up and skincare is literally in my bathroom cabinet! This is literally for ease of use, as straight after I've cleansed my face I apply my skincare and apply my 5 minute makeup. I have got it down to a T. My husband also has a little section but let's face it, at least three quarter's is mine. I also use it to store some of my everyday perfumes. It has a mirrored sliding door and it's at just the right height. I purchased this from Ikea a few years ago for £30.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to store or present your makeup. If you have any other ideas then please do share in the comments below!

Amina xx

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